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Conferences 2023

I will be presenting at the following conferences. Please come and say hello if you attend.

Veterinary Management Group Congress 8th and 9th June 

Thursday 8th June  - I will be facilitating the following session Approaching difficult conversations with clients: Tips and Techniques.

 British Equine Veterinary Association  Congress September 2023 

Thursday 14th September - What is MI and why does everyone keep talking about it?

Saturday 16th September - How stress impacts our decision making

Saturday 16th September - Managing compassion fatigue and your own wellbeing

Battersea Academy Conference

Thursday 21 September - Animal Hoarding 

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Conferences: Text

World Horse Welfare Conference 2019 Animal Hoarding: why telling doesn't work (from 1.04 minutes)

Conferences: Video
Conferences: Video
Conferences: Video
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