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Veterinarian with Dog

Suporting Behaviour Change in Animal Owners

Using Motivational Interviewing to support animal owners with behaviour change 
With live coaching to support transfer to into the workplace 
Delivered by trainers who are experienced in Mental Health, Education and Animal Welfare

MAY 2024


Wed. 1st May pm 12.30 – 4.30

Thursday 2nd May 9 – 4.30

Thursday 9th May 9 – 4.30 

Thursday 16th May 9 – 4.30

Thursday 23rd May 9 – 4.30

Thursday 30th May 9 – 4.30 


Participants need to be able to fully attend all the dates

About the course

This course is delivered online via Zoom and has been redesigned for this method of teaching and learning. The learning outcomes and experiences are the same as our face to face training.


Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a well-researched, evidence based method of working with people to support human behaviour change in the most difficult areas such as addictions, but it has been found to be useful across a range of human behaviours. 


Only a handful of people have been using motivational interviewing to support behaviour change in animal owners. Bronwen is one and is an experienced teacher of MI to NHS and other staff, as well as several national animal charities, working with difficult to manage human behaviours. She also used Motivational Interviewing in her own voluntary equine welfare role, as well as her clinical and teaching work. She has written about human mental health and animal ownership, including bereavement in animal owners and animal hoarding. 


The course will be co-taught by Sam Chubbock

Head of UK Support at World Horse Welfare who uses MI in her work and supports others to do so.


Bronwen’s handbook on using MI in animal health, welfare and care, Practical Human Behaviour Change for the Health and Welfare of Animals is due to be published by Wiley early in 2024 and a copy for each participant will be included in the course price. 

Who is the course for?

The course is designed for anyone working in animal health, care or welfare who has direct contact with owners, and other individuals who need to make behaviour changes for the welfare of their animals. This course is appropriate for those who have face to face visits and consultations and those who take phone calls. 


The course will help those who need to have difficult conversations with animal owners, and others, about issues such as weight, euthanasia, breeding, general care and health, numbers of animals, including animal hoarding, and with re-homers or guardians and repeat welfare reporters.

How does the course work? 

Bronwen will be joined in delivering the course by a colleague who is experienced in both equine welfare and using MI in their work.


The course is practical and interactive; attendees will be practicing skills on each of the days, and experimenting with Motivational Interviewing as an approach. To better understand behaviour change in others we will work with our own behaviours. This helps us to understand why others make, or don’t make, changes. 


Many participants find they too make changes during or after the course and you may finish the course having made some behaviour changes for yourself, or be ready to do so!


Over 35 hours taught time


£600 per person to include all training materials and also the textbook Practical Human Behaviour Change for the Health and Welfare of Animals (worth £49.99) 


Places will be limited to allow for individual support and live coaching from trainers for participants.

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