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Nurses need confidence to write for publication

A recent blog by one of my writing colleagues, Amy Martin, talked about the having the confidence to write for publication. Although Amy and I come from what seems at first perhaps very different professions, we have more similarities than differences. We are both nurses. Amy is a veterinary nurse with an interest and passion for supporting humans as well as animals. I am a mental health nurse with an interest in the relationships we humans have with our animals and how this may impact on our mental health.

I wrote a piece for the (human) Nursing Times eight years ago, about supporting nurses to write for publication. In that, I discussed what the literature tells us about what prevents nurses to write for publication. The main reasons are;

· a lack of time

· a lack of confidence

· not having support

· not understanding the process of publishing

· the fear of criticism or rejection

I would also suggest that nurses believe it is academics and researchers who are the people who write for publication. However, all of us know colleagues who are amazing in their work, who are innovative and creative. Sadly these fantastic ideas, superb practice and novel ideas often don’t get disseminated, meaning that a wider group of nurses don’t get to hear about them. Many of those other nurses will be tackling similar problems or issues. Sharing practice allows us all to benefit and not have to reinvent the wheel.

I often suggest to nurses that they should write up something they do, or have done, and submit it for publication. I get the reply, ‘But that’s just what I do! No one would be interested.’

Many of us in the helping professions are not good at recognising the worth of our practice, especially nurses. This is maybe where we need to start. Recognising what we do, realising that others would be interested in it and would benefit. Then finding a little bit of confidence to make a start on writing and submitting it.

In my article for the Nursing Times I described the writing for publication groups that I set up in my old NHS trust. I continue to facilitate groups, now on line, and Amy is one of the key members. If you are interested and would like a copy of my original paper please just email me.

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